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Undressed Tresses? BB Texture hair (un)dressing creme Review

Like most – if not all – women, I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with my hair at the best of times. I often lament that it needs to be longer or shorter, occasionally asking the universe why it couldn’t be a slightly different variation of blonde or curly or straight or just something other than you know, what it is. For this reason (and because I am a beauty product junkie and possibly a shopaholic) I own a shit ton of hair stuff – though admittedly less than I once did, as I have learned through trial and error what works with the mop on my top.
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Because my hair has a natural wave and I have a natural tendency to want to sleep (read: I am lazy), I decided to stop fighting the wave in my hair a while ago and invested in a few products to make it work. While I will probably never give up my coconut oil post=shower routine to de-tangle and protect it, I’ve gotta say I’ve found a new favourite product by Bumble and Bumble: BB Texture hair (un)dressing crème.

Seriously, friends, I am obsessed.

I bought a sample-sized bottle because I end up getting bored by even my favourite products and jumping ship, and there is nothing that drives anyone crazier than sifting through 200 half-empty bottles of hair product under the sink to find a box of tampons. It’s a fact. I got it home and placed it next to my makeup bag on the sink last week in anticipation of using it when I washed my hair the next morning.

From - screen shot description of BB Texture hair (un)dressing creme. 

What I learned very quickly is this is a product where a little truly goes a long way

Learn from my mistake, and use sparingly. If you think you need more, you’re wrong. Trust me. Because I have a lot of hair, I used a generous amount of the crème and suddenly I couldn’t get my fingers through my hair and I had a bird's nest that could house a family of ospreys. Not cute.

Too much of the product leaves your hair heavy, sticky and unmanageable and nobody needs to start from scratch. My tip? Start small and add more if you feel it's necessary – you’ll be surprised to learn how little you do need.

To use the BB Texture hair (un)dressing creme, wash and condition your hair as you would and towel dry. Use a small amount (less than the size of a dime) and add more if you need it. Fine straight hair may require a little more than my naturally wavy-ish hair – you’ll know what you need. 

Work through your hair, beginning at the length (not the ends) and work up to the roots for volume at the crown. I keep it out of my ends as much as possible to keep them frizz-free and reduce tangles. 

Scrunch hair and dry with a diffuser for undone waves and curls, let dry naturally if you have time, or blow dry on low-heat, medium blast to avoid tangles and give your hair some extra oomph without adding curls/waves.

Once your hair is dry, brush it out and add shine serum or coconut oil if you want. Your hair will feel a bit thicker and hold texture well all day. Since it actually makes your hair grittier, you might find you can skip a wash (or two if you’re me!) before your hair begins to turn a bit oily. Yay!

My only issue with this particular product is that it dulls the shine of your hair – making it look, well, gritty or dirty – so I tend to spritz a shine serum or scrunch a teensy bit of coconut oil into the ends of my hair. The best part of using that little bit of coconut oil on the ends (and occasionally on the length) of my hair is that it keeps it manageable and I can easy switch styles from wavy to braided and keep it looking a little sleeker for my Monday-Friday hairdos. I also dislike the stickiness on my hands, but a little soap and water takes care of this. These issues are totally erased by the fact that I effing love this product but I know it might not work for everyone!

The scent isn’t offensive, but rather a bit forgettable. I used the product this morning, and followed with a bit of coconut oil and after taking a quick break to sniff my hair I can confirm that I smell coconut oil and a hint of my shampoo.

Because I don’t wash my hair daily, I usually have to restyle my hair the next day if I use the crème or wear it up because it doesn’t *quite* stay pretty after sleeping on it. There have been mornings I couldn’t get my brush through my hair at all, and I had to condition, shampoo, condition to loosen the tangles. Not pretty. If you want to sleep on your hair after using the crème, it’s not a bad idea to braid it before bed. This was especially an issue when I used waaaaay too much.

A full-size bottle (5 oz) retails at Sephora for $28, which is a little steep for my budget. A 2 oz bottle rings in for half that at $14, and used sparingly I’d say the sample-size will keep you going for months of beautiful, texturized hair.  

I'd recommend this product if you have soft or fine hair that is super straight or has a bit of a wave, just to give it some extra oomph. If you have really thick, coarse hair this product is absolutely not for you. 

Now, get out and enjoy your long weekend!

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